Chilvers McCrea

Team Profile

Dr Sarah Chilvers  (BSc, RGN, RHV, MBA, DProf)

Sarah has spent her life working in, and with, the NHS. First as a registered nurse and a health visitor and then in NHS management.

Having completed her MBA at The Open University in 1995, Sarah completed her Professional Doctorate at The Middlesex University in 2004, specialising in new ways of delivering healthcare

In the early 1990s she introduced the first Hospital at Home Scheme when working for South Bedfordshire Community Healthcare Trust. She became Director of Nursing for the US company, Caremark (now BUPA Homecare). Moving into consultancy she worked for Macmillan Cancer Relief, the Mount Vernon Cancer Network and North Essex Health Authority, in addition to many other large health charities and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

As Chief Executive Officer for Chilvers & McCrea ltd, she co-founded and led the UK's first corporate provider of NHS General Practice with over 40 services across England and Wales, winning the Laing and Buisson Independent Healthcare Award in 2008 for Entrepreneurial Achievement.

More recently, Sarah led a pilot development of the UKs first Acute Medical Ward in the Home, which is Medical Physician led and supported by the most modern remote telemetry and European Award winning IT infrastructure. This scheme is based on international models shown to improve health outcomes from reduced mortality to lower readmission to hospital rates.

Sarah has spent her career finding and implementing innovative ways of delivering services in community and home settings and is delighted to lead the ChilversMcCrea team to help do the same for you and your organisation

Dr Rory McCrea  (MB BS, MSc, MRCGP)

Rory The one thing about Rory is that everyone knows him!

Born in Dublin, Eire, and brought up in Northern Ireland, he studied Medicine at The University of London before moving to Essex to finish his training and become a NHS General Practitioner in 1992, where he still practises and sees patients today.

In the midst of the rigours of running a busy General Practice, Rory has been recognised by the UK Financial times as a “health entrepreneur”.

He gained this reputation for his farsighted innovation as Chairman of ChilversMcCrea Healthcare, co-founding and overseeing from start-up in 2001 through to successful transfer in 2010 to a Trade Partner, a network of over 40 NHS General Practices and Urgent Care services across England and Wales.

ChilversMcCrea was the first and profitable network of NHS General Practices in the country, specialising in turning around failing and practices in challenging areas of the country, with resultant improvements in local healthcare. Many organisations followed this lead and today there is a plurality of providers in NHS General Practice. Moreover, there are no empty, unoccupied practices in poor and disadvantaged areas, meaning there is now much more access to doctor and nurse care. Rory sees this as a huge gain for patients.

More recently, Rory has done it again with the co-founding of the UK’s first provider of Acute Medical Care in the Home. Watch this space for more!

Rory has also been highly influential in the public sector having been a Medical Director with NHS West Essex for over a decade (2001 to 2011) before becoming Director of Clinical Transformation with The West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group.(2011 to 2013)

Rory provides advice and support to organisations across the UK and internationally (USA and Australia in particular) including Governments, who are keen to access his undoubted expertise regarding the UK Health Market and, in particular, innovation in Healthcare.

Having been involved with the NHS in its various forms since 1992, co-founding research networks in primary care through to national developments in Primary and Hospital Care, in addition to providing advice and consultancy services to many of the main Health Charities and Pharmaceutical Companies, there are not many people Rory does not know. He has unparalleled reach in terms of contacts, from senior government through to clinicians on the ground. He simply has to lift the ‘phone and put a call in.

Rory would be delighted to advise you on your enterprise, whatever it is, as long as it is in Healthcare! If he doesn’t know, he will know someone who does. To be sure.